Douglas Bowman is an influential designer, speaker, and advisor whose creations and experience in the booming tech industry have pushed him to the forefront of modern design. Most recently, Bowman served as creative director at Twitter, where he established and led its product design, marketing design, and user experience research teams. At Twitter, he oversaw an evolving set of design challenges for a rapidly growing list of features and uses of a world-wide service, directed large-scale branding and product design across web, mobile, and broadcast media, and helped change the world, one hundred forty characters at a time.

Prior to Twitter, Bowman was the first visual design lead at Google, where he built and managed a team to unify the identity and design of user-facing products and services throughout the company. He got his start at Wired, where he worked his way up to design director, and led a ground-breaking redesign of in 2002. Bowman also runs Stopdesign, a consulting firm he originally founded in San Francisco. Under Stopdesign, he has designed for Google, Capgemini, Blogger, Cathay Pacific Airways, and Adaptive Path.