Ghost on the subway

It’s a rare occurrence to see two human faces superimposed on top of each other in the real world, at least outside of Photoshopped manipulations and Conan O’Brien’s “If They Mated“. But just such a thing can happen when you’re sitting on a subway car in just the right spot and the overhead fluorescent lighting glows at just the right intensity so that you’re able to see through the glass windows into the next adjoined subway car where one of it’s grumpy urbanites (exhibit A) sitting in reverse facing your car is glaring back at you like no force to be reckoned with and the windows are tinted and so spotlessly clean that the reflected image of another silently sulking commuter (exhibit B) sitting forward-facing in your own subway car appears in the identical spot from which grumpy urbanite (exhibit A) is already glaring and the precise position of two other individuals in three-dimensional space relative to your own is bound together for a timeless moment forming a quite horrid composite image of grumpy urbanite (exhibit A) placed perfectly inline with sulking commuter (exhibit B) and as you rhythmically bounce along the tracks beneath Market Street together you gaze in wonder for a full 45 seconds at this bizarre spectre (exhibit C) quite unlike any hallucination you’ve ever experienced.