Yahoo!, rebuilt

Alright. It was low-hanging fruit. I couldn’t resist. I mentioned the launch of the New Yahoo! Search a couple days ago. After wading through their code for an hour or two last night, I almost gave up. But determination kicked in. I’m not going to add any hoopla or propaganda. I’m not even going to claim whether it’s a solid improvement or a horrible compromise. Does it look pretty in Netscape 4? Hell, no. With very few design liberties, new markup, and about 85 stylesheet rules written from scratch, here’s a few free hints of what Yahoo! Search could be if it used valid XHTML+CSS. Cleaner code. Heavy reliance on CSS. And, of course, as you’d expect: no tables in sight.

One page for each of the search input pages (use vertical tabs on the left to navigate). The search button on each input page leads to the same sample Web Results page for “car”. The stylesheet used here has been left exposed in a simple <link> element for any browser which would attempt to use it. If you’re using an older browser, consider yourself warned.