Learning more CSS

Already know the basics of CSS? Want to learn more about the ins and outs? It’s not too late to join Westciv’s free self-paced online course, currently covering CSS Level 2. I’d recommend looking into it if you’ve never bothered to see what Westciv offers. Because how convenient is free? New material comes out each week, replacing the prior week’s material. Of course you could buy the course if you want to take it at your own pace (faster or slower, without material disappearing). Or you can simply follow along with each of the 18 weekly doses Westciv will provide under the free course schedule. This course assumes an understanding of the foundations covered in CSS Level 1, so it may be confusing to jump in as a beginner. The course started last week, and has already moved on to Week 2. But the introduction from Week 1 is still available — possibly for a limited time, so get there quick.