New ink for

Congratulations to Dan Cederholm and team on launching a brand new The site sports a clean design, valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional markup, and a nice dosage of the CSS background-image property to pull in decorative icons and bullets, keeping most of them out of the markup. It also uses Dan’s mini-tab effect for main navigation, which he and I must have independently devised around the same time, since Adaptive Path uses something very similar.

Of particular note, once again, is Dan’s report that the home page file size dropped from 52KB to 24KB, down by 54%. Almost the exact same percentage as the Adaptive Path and Wired News redesigns. See a viable trend emerging here?

Chalk up another huge media site (17+ years and 11,000 pages of content) which successfully made the transition to XHTML for markup and CSS for tableless layout.