Explaining the value

Adaptive Path just published an essay written by Jeff Veen, entitled The Business Value of Web Standards. It’s a short, concise overview focusing on the tangible benefits of designing and coding a site using web standards like XHTML and CSS. Jeff speaks from lots of experience working with (and pioneering in) web standards, from his earlier days at HotWired, to the current consulting he does on client projects with his partners.

Go read the article now. Then bookmark it for later when you’re gathering resources for a project manager or other decision maker who questions the value of heading down the standards path. My favorite quote from the essay:

Ever see an IT guy get excited about a new design? You will.

perhaps isn’t the most important point Jeff makes. But nevertheless, the statement is both humorous and entirely true at the same time. I’ve never seen IT managers and engineers so willing to work with a designer/developer on a redesign when they’re shown the stripped down markup and resulting reductions in file size and bandwidth.