You could be next

Only a couple days left for the current Blogstakes contests. Win a three-book collection from The Onion or a hard-shell CD case. It couldn’t be easier to get entered if you already have a blog — just add a link to one or both of the contests somewhere on your site where others will find it. Nothing else required is from you. Someone reading your site clicks the link you made, they fill out a simple form on Blogstakes. If they win, you win too. Two girls for every — no, scratch that — I mean: two winners for every prize.

In fact, there couldn’t be any better testament for how easy it is to win than to read these four words: “I was a winner.” That’s right, Blogstakes changed my life. Now I can finally pay off all my debt, buy a second home, and send my future kids to college. Well, ok, that’s a slight exaggeration. Technically, I wasn’t, the winner. This other guy was the winner. But because he was the winner, I was a winner too. Confused?

All I did was add a Recent Link to Blogstakes. Michael Howland followed the link from Stopdesign, registered, then won a free BrowserCam account for a year. Since he was referred by a link on, I won too. How easy is that? And how cool that I get to use BrowserCam over the next year for free? (I promise a more complete review of BrowserCam to come later.) I can’t say I’ve won many things in my life, except for maybe some free fries from McDonald’s in their Monopoly contests when I was a kid. There’s certainly been no “grand prize” before this one. Maybe it’s just the start of a string of good luck to come.

So add your links now. Contest for The Onion book set ends Thursday 15 January, and the CD case contest ends the following day.

Sidenote of interest: Michael, my co-winner of this latest BrowserCam blogstakes is in the U.S. Army National Guard. His unit was recently activated in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, so the kind folks at BrowserCam are holding his account until his activation orders are complete. Godspeed Michael — if you had to go over there, may you come back home safe and soon.