Props to the old school

As we approach the 6-year anniversary of the original CSS2 Specification that reached W3C Recommendation status on 12 May 1998, and as the major undertaking of CSS 2.1 rapidly nears Proposed Recommendation status, John Allsopp writes a very appropriately-timed post. Message To The Messengers – Props to the old school reminds us of those to whom our gratitude belongs for their early work and evangelism of CSS.

Most of those names are familiar to me. I’m even lucky enough to consider a few of them my friends. If they look like foreign names to you, take some time to follow a few of the links scattered throughout the post. There may be a few more names that will quickly be added in his comments. Nevermind that my name is mentioned somewhere in the middle of John’s post. I came way too late to the game to be mentioned (even in passing) in the same breath as these folks.

So hats off to all who have contributed over the years. You have my profound gratitude for advancing the web tools and technology with which I work on a daily basis.