Projected savings

In the article published here yesterday, “Throwing Tables out the Window“, I provided a few what if projections of bandwidth savings based on a shot-in-the-dark conservative estimate that might average about 1 million page views per day.

Turns out I underestimated. By just a little.

Olivier Vanbiervliet pointed me to a public Microsoft page titled “Inside Microsoft“. The page provides a bit of “backstage” information about, including some detailed stats for the month of May 2004.

Their published traffic numbers actually state that got 1.2 billion page views in May 2004. Divide that by 31, and we’re not just looking at 1 million page views per day, but more like 38.7 million page views per day.

Which, if you do the math, with a potential average savings of 25 KB per page, works out to numbers a little higher that what I originally projected. More accurate savings could actually be closer to:

924 GB per day.

329 terabytes per year.

I updated the article to reflect these more accurate projections.