AP in DC for UXW

In just under two weeks, I’ll be joining Adaptive Path in Washington, D.C. for User Experience Week 2004, 16-19 August. AP’s guest speakers also include Jason Fried and Christina Wodtke. Topics will cover team and process, strategy, managing politics, interaction best practices, efficient use of a CMS, and fitting general user experience methods and practices into your organization.

On day three, Jeff Veen and I will cover form and function as compliments, rather than contradictions. Jeff will delve into content management systems in the morning, providing advice to help you avoid costly mistakes of choosing and implementing a CMS. I’ll be speaking in the afternoon on the beauty, benefit, and business of standards, helping you make the case for standards within your organization.

Friends of Stopdesign get a 15% discount on registration with the promotional code AFT47. Join us for the whole week. Or, I’m also told, you can register for just the day(s) you want — or are available — to come. You can register or find more details about the event on Adaptive Path’s site.

Hope to see you there.