Respect! at SXSW

Though I’m a little leery of the massive size of SXSW this year, I’m really looking forward to seeing and catching up with friends new and old (and meeting a few more) in Austin later this week. It’s that time of year, when geeks from all over the Web physically converge in central Texas, fight for the last few available hotel rooms, and elbow their way to a choice seat at any of over 150 Interactive panels.

If you’re coming to Austin for the conference, and you’re in town by Friday afternoon, come by our panel at 5pm on Friday entitled, “Respect!” hosted by the esteemed godfather of Web standards, Jeffrey Zeldman. Mr. Zeldman, Erin, Liz, Jason, and I will discuss the common ground of various professionals creating for the Web, and how we work together to advance our craft and the understanding of what we do. I may even get to share a few insights that come from working as an insider for the past two years at the Googleplex.