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The White House blog

After subscribing to the feed last week on Inauguration Day, I’ve been reading updates on President Obama’s actions on an almost daily basis. I’m not sure if they can keep up the frequency of posts that have filled the blog already. But isn’t it amazing that we’ve never had this level of insight into the President’s activities — and on such a regular basis — before now?

Regarding The Personal Web

Dan Benjamin pontificates on the state of blogging and longer-form posts vs. shorter Twitter-like posts. Interesting commentary toward the end that to really participate means having more than one channel or form of contributions.

Well, don't you?

New HP ad, with the corner of a computer monitor in the background, and the phrase 'You blog, don't you?'

Spotted in the Montgomery BART station last week, I finally snapped a photo of this ad on the way into the office today. It’s part of a large HP campaign that has ads plastered all over the walls and floors of the Muni/BART stations, promoting their computing products. This one obviously stood out from the others. Somewhat presumptuous, wouldn’t you say? It shares that same haughty feeling that Wired was known for throughout the mid ’90s. In fact, I think all the other current HP ads are declarative like this one: “You travel light…”, “You do this…”, “You do that…”

Update: I’ve added shots of a few more HP ads in the same BART station, to provide some context for this one.