Craving more style

Duly noted that the second broadcast for Leno has already begun on NBC means I didn’t even beat Carson and his Last Call to bed tonight.

Cover: Eric Meyer on CSS Eric Meyer’s latest book, Eric Meyer on CSS, Mastering the Language of Web Design, just arrived from Amazon yesterday. I’ve already skimmed through the first three chapters. Although it seems I’ve already gleaned much of this information elsewhere, I’ve still learned new tricks or concepts in the first few projects. Eric’s familiar and easy to understand style of writing make this an enjoyable project-based book to work through.

I’ve been feeling way overdue to learn everything I can about CSS. Six years at Wired Digital as a designer, and I’m just now turning on to the idea of CSS making my life a whole lot easier. While Veen was still working with me at Wired, he tried numerous times to throw out the CSS hook, knowing a technical-oriented designer like myself should have been immediately interested. Back then, I couldn’t get past the frustrations of getting CSS to render correctly in Netscape 4 on my PowerBook. Fast forward to the present, 2 years later, and the concept and the benefits have hit me like a ton of bricks, and I can’t learn it all fast enough.