Something new

It’s with great humility that I hammer out this first post. Humility, because I enter the game way after many others. Humility because others have been practicing and polishing their writing on a daily — or somewhat daily — basis for x years times 365 days. The sheer size and breadth of some of their blogs makes me feel like I’m sitting down at a table full of experienced high rollers with only $5 of tokens in my pocket. I’ve delayed and procrastinated the start of a blog mostly because I’ve wondered if I really have enough thoughts that pass through my head and are worth writing down. Or if the quality of what I wrote would actually merit taking up a few more bytes of server space somewhere in Miami.

Somehow I convinced myself the answer to those two questions just might be “yes”. The fact that you’re reading this probably means one of three things: 1.) You somehow discovered this log in its infancy, either by accident or by some referrer log that claims I linked to your site. 2.) I’ve somehow managed to continue blabbing about something interesting enough that you actually went back in time through thousands of posts to see what I wrote for the very first entry. 3.) You’re my Mom, and seem to remember me telling you something about a “block?”

So here’s to the start of something new. The thoughts, rants, findings, and news here will mostly be related to design and my personal experience as a designer. But I’m sure I’ll also reference the people, places, and ideas that influence who I am and how I think and work. This log of thoughts is mostly for my own record, but if you’re along for the ride, welcome.