South Beach sights

The AIGA I/O Conference wrapped up yesterday. Overall, it was an excellent 2-day conference with a nice range of topics covered. I stuck around in Miami for an extra day just to relax a little. Over the last couple days, I snapped a lot of digital shots in attempt to capture some of the beauty I saw here. As I was taking the night shots, I quickly realized my simple digital camera couldn’t handle low light pictures without a flash. But when I turned the flash off, I discovered I could get some really nice time-lapse effects. I’ll let some of my favorites from the weekend speak for themselves…

* Thumbnail image: Cruising down a typical palm-lined street
* Thumbnail image: A simple photo of a retail/apartment building becomes much more interesting at night when you're driving by at 50 mph
* Thumbnail image: The peaceful serenity of a clean white beach shot through an empty towell stand
** Thumbnail image: Art Deco architecture is everywhere
* Thumbnail image: Rounded corners, symmetrical lines, and decorative window flares grace this typical hotel and restaraunt on Ocean Avenue