Mighty Goods

Check out the latest Stopdesign mini-project: Mighty Goods, a new shopping blog by Margaret Mason, known for her long-running Mighty Girl weblog. Margaret came to me wanting a simple, clean design with integrated images for most of the items she posted. This is the end result of holing ourselves up in Canvas for a Saturday a little over a month ago.

The logo and site were basically designed in a day, and the MT templates were generated over the course of the next week. Because there’s an image associated with almost every item, we’re generating both a traditional list view for each category/month archive, as well as a grid view of each archive which presents a larger set of items as a browsable image gallery.

This is my first experiment with the MTPaginate plugin to break listings up into multiple pages. The site also makes use of Brad Choate’s Key Values plugin to separate out item price, vendor, vendor URL, and special notes she can add to each item.