A musical baton

Not one to let an interesting meme die, here’s my part. I’m normally not a fan of chain mail. But when a topic is good, and I can follow the chain back to different blogs and discover a few new artists, I’ll contribute too. Credit/blame Veerle for passing it on to me.

Total volume of music on my computer:
11.2 GB (2,331 songs, 6.1 days of music) Not much compared to some friends. A mixture of music ripped from CDs, passed from friends, downloaded from artist sites, bought from iTunes. I’m sure there’s a few that snuck in from the old Napster.

The last CD I bought:
Guero by Beck
Beck hasn’t disappointed yet.

Song playing right now:
Nothing yet. Too early in the morning. Neighbors still sleeping. And I’m not in the office yet. Maybe a rotation of Eels and The Killers. Or maybe Elliot Smith. Or the strumming of Django Reinhardt. So pick something from those, and you might have what’s playing for me in an hour or so.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
Sorted the library by highest play count and picked a few from that.

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton:
Not sure what these five think of things like this, but I haven’t seen their names yet, and I’m curious.

  • Matt Haughey, because I want to know what a new dad and his daughter listens to
  • Jeff Veen, because I want to see if he’ll actually do this and pass it on.
  • Jason Kottke, because he’s on a roll with 50 things to do with your iPod, and let’s face it, the man simply doesn’t blog often enough.
  • Merlin Mann, because he’s got tons of music, and he’s good at creating lists of 5 things.
  • Jason Klein, because he’s funny, usually has good taste in music, and needs more posts on his blog.


  1. Ross Easton aandruk.com

    How about some tunes by “The Killers” mate! :)
    I hate chain mail too, but some of it I must admit can be pretty interesting! lol.

  2. Random Guy

    I agree, 99% of chain mail is just awful. But something like this is slightly different, does anyone know where it originated?

  3. Jason Klein randombanter.com

    Your taste in music is strong, young Douglas-son. While I admit that you turned me on to Elliot Smith, I hope I had something to do with your liking of The Eels and Django Reinhardt.

    I will pass on the baton, even though it pains me to send out an email that won’t pass most spam filters. My only comfort is that it doesn’t include dancing animated animals, nor does it implore the recepient to send out to everyone who needs a hug.

    Until the baton is finely crafted at the Random Banter workshop, I encourage you to check out Bloc Party and Robbers on High Street.

  4. Jeff jeffwerner.ca

    Isn’t the cool term for chain mail now “meme”?

  5. @Random Guy: I tracked the meme back to a Livejournal account a couple of days ago – it seems to have propagated to the design community via Stuart Langridge…

  6. cameron cavers reactionlab.com

    Hey, Doug… if you’re interested in what a new dad and his daughter listen to, I’ve found that for the most part, the Guns ‘n’ Roses best hits collection has some great music for newborns… the whistling parts in “Patience” have put my daughter to sleep more than a few times in her first four months. :)

    Ditto for the new Moby… hell, it puts me to sleep too! (Actually, I quite like it, despite what the hyperbolic NYT review said…)

    Otherwise, I’ve been heavily listening to Radio ABF (that’s http://www.radioabf.net), which is a streaming electronica station from France. They seem to have a great playlist any time you tune in…

  7. Oliver mtsix.com/

    Wow this thing seems to have gone very far out. I don’t have too many songs on computer either.

  8. Rob Crowther

    Impressive.. I saw this earlier today on another site, totally unreleated to anyone mentioned here. (As far as I know.) Big meme.

  9. Zach Blume emptysnow.com

    Dude, I never thought you as a greenday kind of person.

    Poor me, no one will ever invite me. I’m too smal and insignificant in the web design world. Lol…

  10. Chris chrisblau.com

    I know what you mean Zach…same thing here. *sigh*

  11. Birth of the meme, in case anyone is still interested…

  12. Ramon Llull spiral.typepad.com

    Total volume: 85.93 GB.
    Last CD bought: Namlook’s Silence I-V (an mp3 CD, believe it or not).
    Song playing now: Mimosa by Michael Brooke (off Hybrid).
    Five songs I listen to a lot: Stray Cat Blues, Year of the Cat, China Cat Sunflower, Diamond Dogs, Rain Dogs.
    Baton: dropped.

  13. Ms. Jen blackphoebe.com/msjen

    Django… any chance a fan of the Hot Club of Cowtown?

    smiles, jen ;o)

  14. Random Guy

    Life of the meme, in case anyone is still interested.

  15. Lovely numbers in there. Especially the Green Day one. It’s really great, just as the whole “American Idiot” album is. There’s lovely songs in there.

  16. Veronica Garcia

    (excuse me for my english)
    I really like to read you, i’m listening guero too.
    Thank you for charing your knowledge,
    it’s not usual, and it’s Great to learn.
    Thank’s from Santiago de Chile

  17. John Ross latestwebhostingnews.com

    Nothing Better is a great song, so are the others listed. Great taste :P

  18. chris philosophyarchive.com

    I wonder if Dawkins would mind meme becoming the word for chain mail :)

  19. foresmac chrisforesman.com/blog

    Actually, it’s funny I came across this, because I had done this earlier in the year. So I went back to my archives, and I did this in FEBRUARY.

    Here’s the link: music meme.

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