Redesigns, reworkings, experiments, and sample code

IE5/Mac Band Pass Filter

6 jul 2004
Want to serve a separate CSS file (or set of rules) only to IE5/Mac? As we strive to use less hacks in our CSS, filters become an integral part of isolating CSS rules that are only intended for certain browsers. This write-up documents how to do it, and how the syntax works. See related log entry Note: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

CSS Zen Garden: 017 Golden Mean

@css zen garden | 27 may 2003
The CSS Zen Garden was created to showcase the potential power and beauty of CSS when taken on by graphic designers. Golden Mean is my design submission to the open project. It combines colorful imagery, layered typography, and a classic three-column layout. See related log entry  Read related article

Yahoo! Search

7 mar 2003
This was low-hanging fruit. I couldn’t resist. Yahoo! Search launched a new design in April 2003 which introduced a heavier reliance on web standards, but didn’t go all the way. With very few design liberties, new markup, and about 85 stylesheet rules written from scratch, here’s a few free hints of what Yahoo! Search could be if it used valid XHTML+CSS. See related log entry


28 jan 2003
On January 27, Dave Winer asked: “A question for CSS design gurus. What’s the best you can do with a table that has three columns like the one on Weblogs.com. Let’s see an example. I’d like the page to look good and load fast.” This was my answer, which Mr. Winer implemented and pushed live before I woke up the next morning. See related log entry

Proving ground

Frame Border/Spacing Test

4 mar 2003
Frustrated with a web-based application project on which I was working that used frames, I set out to test which browsers responded to specific frame and frameset attributes. I wanted to eliminate the border and/or spacing between each frame, and keep my documents valid XHTML. See related log entry

Styling Form Submit Buttons

8 feb 2003
Styling HTML form submit buttons seems to have inconsistent effects in certain browsers. The problem child is usually a Mac browser.

Stacking Order

13 dec 2002
Examines stacking order of positioned (absolute or relative) vs. non-positioned (static) elements when no z-index is specified.