Tiny screens

Since I haven’t jumped onto the wireless platform bandwagon yet, designing pages for the AvantGo channel has been an interesting challenge. Not too difficult, because there aren’t many choices. But that’s the challenge of it. It’s like trying to say as much as you can with as few words as possible.

I didn’t want to mess with getting a Palm emulator set up and configured on my machine, so I created two style sheets today to temporarily apply to the AvantGo html I’ve been writing. Each style sheet basically emulates what the AvantGo channel looks like on the Palm OS with a 160x160px monochrome screen, and also on a PocketPC OS with a 320x320px color screen. The PocketPC version of AvantGo supports a larger subset of the html 3.2 tags, so I can actually adjust some font sizes and colors for those handhelds.