Time for major surgery

I started batting around ideas for a redesign of stopdesign.com a few weeks ago. Today, I actually made progress by sketching out some rough ideas and planning a simple architecture. The site has basically remained untouched in the four years since I launched it when I founded Stopdesign. Since I’ve made very few updates, it has become merely an outdated brochure of a 3-4 year-old portfolio and philosophy statement. Everything here is still applicable. But I’ve learned and done a lot since I wrote the first few lines of html code behind this site.

Now, I’d like to produce an evolved site that reflects the experience I’ve gained, shows my creativity, and acurately represents the simple priciples and philosphy I solidly stand behind. The site and code behind it need to make updates quick and easy, so it won’t be a burden to add content, such as new portfolio pieces or feature articles.

Tech detail: Regarding this log, I’m planning on building out pages which use ASP to pull in Blogger-created files. I’ll modify the Blogger templates so they spit out very basic code fragments, which I’ll be able to manipulate and include at will. This means Blogger will become nothing more than a storage place and exporting mechanism for my data, which I’m happy not to have to create on my own.