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Taking flight: a new Twitter logo

I wrote a post for the Twitter blog today on our new bird:

Starting today you’ll begin to notice a simplified Twitter bird. From now on, this bird will be the universally recognizable symbol of Twitter.

Whether soaring high above the earth to take in a broad view, or flocking with other birds to achieve a common purpose, a bird in flight is the ultimate representation of freedom, hope and limitless possibility.

All about the brand

Leander continues the Wired News Mac loyalty series with two more articles pushed out today. Both deal with the power of brand. Apple: It’s All About the Brand makes the point that Apple is not necessarily selling product as much as they’re selling and capitalizing on an emotional brand. A great real-world example and representation of user-centered design:

“Apple’s design is people-driven.”

For Mac Users, It Takes a Village presents the concept of brand communities. The connection between customers allows Apple a little more leeway to experiment and even make mistakes without the threat of mass reduction in user base.

They are real communities, bound by a brand, that display three central characteristics of all communities: a shared consciousness, a set of rituals and traditions, and a sense of moral responsibility…

Mac loyalists

Continuing on the theme of Mac loyalty, Leander begins a series for Wired News dissecting the reasons behind the passion and obsession for Apple’s machines. Mac Loyalists: Don’t Tread on Us examines the Mac cult and why it continued to exist, even through the directionless Amelio-led late ’90s.

To Mac users, Apple represents everything that Microsoft isn’t. Apple innovates; Microsoft copies. Apple puts out solid products; Microsoft puts out buggy ones. Apple represents creativity and individuality; Microsoft represents business and conformity. Apple is the scrappy underdog; Microsoft the big, predatory monopoly.

Some of the exact same rationale I used to cite before my Windows switch. And the some of the same reasons that are bringing me back to Mac.